About the Scriptural Text Scope and Sequence

High quality Religious Education includes making scripture central to the teaching and learning.

Crossways supports the importance of scripture in quality RE through:

  • the Scriptural Text Scope and Sequence
  • the Sacred Texts knowledge strand
  • the ‘interpretation’ skill in the Wisdom strand

The Scriptural Text Scope and Sequence (STSS) is a selection of scriptural texts from the Bible which are to be incorporated into the teaching and learning in RE.

The texts have been chosen and mapped across the year levels with consideration of student’s literacy, cognitive abilities, the curriculum content and biblical significance. These texts are to be substantially engaged with as texts of faith in a process of interpretation. The Crossways curriculum uses the Three Worlds of the Text approach for this interpretation (the world of the text, the world behind the text, the world in front of the text) to create a space of dialogue to discover meaning in the text.

The texts in the Scriptural Text Scope and Sequence have been aligned to individual Enduring Understandings to assist in developing that Enduring Understanding.

In addition to the texts of the STSS, there are other texts which are aligned to some elaborations; these provide support to the elaboration in scaffolding the Enduring Understanding.

When accessing scriptural texts in Religious Education, the New Standard Revised Version (NRSV) translation of the Bible is to be used.

Scriptural Text Scope & Sequence, Years P-12

You can download the latest Scriptural Text Scope & Sequence resource below (this option includes Scriptural links to the online Bible resource 'Bible Gateway') - or keep scrolling to read it on this page.

Download Scriptural Text Scope and Sequence P-12